Instant Pot Ghirardelli Brownies


I’ve been trying to find a new use for the green silicone pan I make the Starbucks copycat Easy Instant Pot Sous Vide Eggs and this is it!  It took me a few tries to get the timing right  but these are so quick and easy.

I sprayed the 7 sections of my silicone pan with olive oil cooking spray.

I used a Ghirardelli Triple Fudge Brownie mix.  Instead of 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup oil and 1 egg,  I used 1/4 cup water, 1/8 cup oil, 1 egg, and one 4 oz container of organic applesauce   I mixed these ingredients together with a wooden spoon and poured the mixture into each of the 7 sections, almost to the very top. It did not hold quite all of the mixture – oh, well. (You could also save this batter and make a couple more brownies in the pan AFTER you finish the first 7)

I put 1 cup of water into the bottom of the Instant Pot liner and then put the trivet in there.

I carefully placed the filled silicone pan on the trivet and put the lid on with it sealed.

I set the Instant Pot for Manual 20 minutes with a 10 minute NPR.


I carefully pulled the silicone pan up out of the Instant Pot and put a plate upside-down on the top and then flipped it over. I gave each section of the silicone pan a little squeeze and wiggle and the brownies came out perfectly.


Here’s a funny photo of one of the first times I tried to Instant Pot a box of Ghirardelli brownies – gooey but good, ha! (They ate every bite)  It took a couple more tries to get it just right – so worth it.


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  1. I have two different egg bite molds one is drastically larger than the other that could definitely play a part in the ones not done at 13 minutes. If using the larger one I’m assuming it will take more time to cook!

    I just made a box from I think Betty Crocker followed instructions but added a few almonds to some. I put the leftover batter in a small bowl and covered it and put it on top of the egg bites. My instant pot it has an option for “bake” so I hit that button and it showed 40 minutes so I’m gonna give that a go & my egg bites are very large and then the bowl is even larger!


    1. Ooh, let me know how that turns out. I love to multi-task, too. I just pulled butternut squash out of my Instant Pot – I crave it in Autumn. Now, I’m going to go look at larger egg bite molds!


  2. Made these with the triple fudge that comes with the fudge packet. I filled the seven compartments nearly to the top which used all of the mix. I did lay a piece of sprayed foil lightly over the top to keep out moisture. I pressure cooked for sixteen minutes and let natural release for fifteen minutes. After cooling in my silicone mold they popped out easily. I don’t eat sweets but hubby said they were wonderful and gooey. I think next time I will increase cook time by one-two minutes.


    1. So glad your hubster liked them! We like them gooey, too. I have one with the fudge packet right now, so I’m going to make them again super soon.


  3. This were good – just a bit cakey and dense for my taste. Also, both of my kids said they were too big so next time I will fill half way and make two full batches. 🙂


    1. In a muffin tin I go about 12 minutes. In my Pampered Chef ceramic muffin pan It’s more like 17, so you may have to adjust by what pan you use and how DONE you like your egg bites. Let me know how it goes. Thanks, Sheila!


  4. I’m gong to try these, they look yummy! — But, I wish that you would put the recipe at the end of the explanation so it would be easier to read. I ended up just writing it down, but of course it would be easier just to read it off of the screen from my iPad.


    1. Lorraine, you are right. I should. I just never seem to have time to make it look like everyone else’s recipes. (but sometimes I have a great idea and want to throw it up here for all my foodie friends. reworking the whole site is literally on my to-do list! Thanks.


  5. I made these and mi he took almost 40minutes and were still gooey after cooked but oh so delicious. My ? Is are they supposed to be covered with foil like when a cheesecake is made. If not maybe that’s why mine didn’t rise like your photo. I will make again cook longer to begin with but would aapreciate an answer about foil. Thank- you for the receipe.


    1. HI, Kim! I don’t ever cover them. I like them gooey. Part of the reason mine rise up may be that I BARELY stir the batter up. (As Granny says, don’t beat it to death, just barely!)


  6. I tried these but they were very underdone at 13 minutes. I had to cook them an additional 15 minutes to get them nearly done. I followed the recipe exactly so I’m not sure what happened. I found another brownie bite recipe and it called for 35 minutes cooking. Another brownie recipe (in a round tin, not bite mold) called for 37 minutes. After looking at those other recipes I’m thinking these just need more time, although even the failures were yummy!


    1. I’ve done them and they work, as you see in the photos, many times, but this week I made and went 20 minutes – they were really good, too. Maybe I just like my Instant Pot brownies pretty gooey lol! anyway, I’ve adjusted the recipe up. Thanks so much!


  7. OMG – these were no where near done in 13 minutes. They were to be served at a luncheon, so I am trying to save them!


    1. Candyce, I’m so sorry they didn’t work out for you. I’ve made them countless times. Was the Ghirardelli brownie mix the same one I use? Did you measure the water in the bottom? (more isn’t always better) Just trying to find if there’s something I could put into the directions so it doesn’t happen to others! Thanks!


    1. What else are you cooking in your silicone egg pan? I love mine and want to use it for more things in my instant pot.


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