Hi. I’m Dinah Houston. I’m Ger Sasser’s mom and I’ve been blogging healthy recipes at feedinggersasser.blogspot.com for several years. (Hundreds of recipes are still there if you want to check them out.) Ger found Crossfit and a whole foods approach to eating and convinced me to jump onboard many years ago. I’d been “miss aerobics, miss Jazzercise, and miss yoga” but I liked Crossfit so much more. I felt stronger and younger and healthier, and I don’t mind telling you I’ll be 58 in May, 2016.


Ger is a FIVE times Crossfit Regional athlete and is # 36 for the NPGL San Francisco Fire. He and Cassie run Crossfit Countdown.

Many years ago he wanted to eat better and asked me to start looking into paleo and zone and nutrient-dense, real foods.  I’ve never looked back.

He’d run into the kitchen and said, “Mom! I’m 30 days out from my next competition – I want to go Paleo. Figure it out!” Thanks!” I said “OK….” as he ran back out of the kitchen and I took it as a compliment that he never once thought that I wouldn’t do exactly that!

I come from a long line of great Southern cooks and I love to put my creativity and love into Feeding Ger Sasser! I love to go through my Nana’s recipe box or her antique cookbooks and then make a healthier version of her recipe favorites.


Ger and Cassie still come over at least once a week – I love when they ask me to make some their favorites!

I hope you find some favorites here, too. You can reach me here or at:



Feeding Ger Sasser on Pinterest



Ger and Cassie Sasser can be found on Facebook and http://www.instagram.com/cfc_sasserhttp://www.instagram.com/gerald_sasser, and www.instagram.com/casssass_13.

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