Sourdough Cornbread


If you know me, you know I hate to throw out the unfed sourdough starter when I feed it. Now, I know I have some sourdough people on this page, so I’m always happy to share an amazing recipe where you can put that stuff to good use!

I love a good sourdough cornbread. It’s fast. It’s easy. It makes your house smell amazing and your children will hug you and thank you! Well, mine did.

So, let me tell you right now, this isn’t my recipe. It comes from Bev Sullivan. I found her recipe on tastykitchen and it is perfect, y’all. Perfect. Here’s the link: Sourdough Cornbread

Ok, so the next time you feed your sourdough starter, give him a little extra because this recipe calls for one and a half cups. Then head on over to tasty kitchen or her site, seethebeautyintheordinary.com7qPcPMnxSNWliBSt9KZcYQ

Look at how this sourdough cornbread batter starts sizzling in the preheated cast iron skillet. Yum! I used white cornmeal here, in case you are wondering why it isn’t very yellow. This stuff was so flavorful and moist, we didn’t even need to put the Kerry Gold butter on it!


Let me know how it goes.




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