Grow Hamama for your Health

Hamama microgreens are so easy to grow.

I’ve been growing these amazing little sprouts for not even a month yet, and I am a believer.  Delicious and pretty much fool-proof, every 10 days you start another “quilt.”

I have a link and will receive an affiliate kick, so please go through my code if you decide to give these a try.  I think these would be SO MUCH FUN with your children. My granddaughter is learning a lot about seeds and growing.

I also have a CODE for 10% off for you!  SUPERGREENS will get you a 10% deal.

So, you can go in there each month and pick out which seeds you want the next month, and every ten days you harvest your cute little crop and then put them in a baggie in the fridge.

I started with clover – yum. I’m eating broccoli sprouts now – delicious and contain sulforaphane, which has anti-cancer properties. (Thanks, Dr Shuler!)

I have fenugreek started up now, too, and just picked three different varieties for next month.

Give it a try. Call it a homeschooled science project, because it really is. Have the kids research the different varieties.

Let me know how it goes, or leave me a photo on the Feeding Ger Sasser Facebook page.

Thanks so much!

  • Dinah Pike

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