Try HB 90 Bootcamp to Increase Your Productivity

Guys, you know I took the HB90 Bootcamp in December and am amazed every day at how productive I’m being in Quarter 1. Sarra Cannon showed me how to make goals, break them down into projects and tasks, and feel in control. It feels really good to know where I’m going creatively and to see the right goals being accomplished.

I am sure this HB90 Bootcamp will work for authors and other creatives at any stage of their career.

I haven’t shared as many recipes lately, but that’s because I am well over 1/3 into a solid rough draft of my first cowboy romance, have written the third OMG, Olivia Marie! children’s ebook, decided its page splits, and am planning illustrations.

I’m doing my quarterly review this week and starting to plan for Quarter 2. This bootcamp has even spilled over into other areas of my life in positive ways!

If you are interested here is my affiliate link. Check her out. Thanks so much and share with your friends.

Heart Breathings HB90 Bootcamp



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