Easy Fried Rice


Sometimes you just want something to eat that’s delicious and easy. Sometimes you happen to have these ingredients in your new fridge, so you whip up a quick fried rice. Here’s what I did.

I cut up 2/3 cup of baby carrots and threw them in a saucepan along with one cup of brown rice and two cups of water and brought to a boil and cooked according to the rice directions. (WHY cook the carrots in a different saucepan, right?)

In a large skillet, I poured two tablespoons olive oil and 1/2 cup frozen peas (sometimes it is the peas and corn or the peas and carrots)  and heated the peas over medium heat.

Next, I stirred three large eggs and some sea salt and pepper into the skillet of peas and stirred until cooked and scrambled.

When the rice and carrots were done, I stirred them into the skillet.

I turned off the skillet and added low sodium soy sauce, to taste.

If you have sesame oil around, you could drizzle that in, but it’s delicious without it.



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