Dinah’s Beautycounter Party


For two weeks, Feb 8 – 22, 2018, I’m having a Beautycounter party through Cassie, my consultant, my coach, my daughter.

We take chemicals out of our cleaning products and our food – don’t forget to do the same with your skincare and makeup! 1938 was the last time congress passed a law regulating the cosmetics industry! I don’t want lead in my lipstick or gloss, do you?

I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from this company and my skin is happy. Happy.
The link to the party is www.beautycounter.com/cassandrasasser Go to this link, select the drop-down arrow, and select Dinah Taylor.

If you want to check out the Facebook page Dinah’s Beautycounter party, just message me and I will invite you. Cassie will be posting there about different products and deals and answering any questions you might have.
Please consider trying something from Beautycounter through my party. I never do these things, but this is too important not to share!

You see, I have sensitive skin that is easily made unhappy, with freckles and wrinkles. I’m always trying new moisturizers and shampoos/conditioners for my fine hair. (One of the expensive skincare lines actually tore my skin up a year ago – I won’t gross you out with the photos, but  my forehead looked like raw hamburger and burned and itched – so when I found something that made my skin HAPPY, AND it has less worrisome chemicals? Share the knowledge!

I love the volume shampoo, conditioner, and mist. It’s like I’ve been searching for it all my life, and a teeny bit does the job. The photo below is just in the shower/out of the shower… no blowdryer or appliances. I couldn’t get away with this timesaver before at all, unless I wore a hat!

I love the plumping oil! I started putting a couple of drops into my night moisturizer and my skin was so happy, even though it’s WINTER and I’m usually dry and flakey and sometimes red. As I use up things, I’m switching over  to a Beautycounter product. I’m using the Countermatch Sleeping Cream with the plumping oil and my skin is so happy and has a nice glow to it – not bad for almost 60 years old!



Also LOVE my lip sheer lipstick and lip gloss – so pretty, no bad chemicals, not sticky, and a nice light scent. We tend to ingest a little of anything we wear on our lips, so better safe than sorry, right? I’m wearing Terra Lip Sheer lipstick and Opal gloss in this photo.

I have been using a sample of the Rejuvenating Eye Cream and I love it. I also have a travel-size Countermatch Eye Cream that I’m going to use next, and then decide which one to order…



2 thoughts

  1. That is good to hear! I have the calendula lip conditioner and I love it. The charcoal mask is great, too. These products deliver! Cassie did a video today using the volume mascara and then the lengthening – they looked good!


  2. Well being your sister you know my skin woes are real. I am now using the Balancing Face Oil #3, the Charcoal Bar, the Cream Cleansing Exfoliater, and I just ordered a mask, face oil, and Rejuvenating Eye Cream. I am so excited to try that eye cream! I also have the lipstick and blush and love both! Oh and I have the peppermint lip balm – love that too! My skin is happier than it’s ever been too. 😍😍😍


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