Roasted Golden Beets


We love beets and we love all the benefits of eating them and drinking the juice, but everyone sure doesn’t agree with me.

“They’re way too much trouble.”

“I don’t care if they improve muscle oxygenation; they taste like DIRT.”

“Yeah, yeah, increased endurance; they stain my hands and my cutting board.”

Enter the golden beet!  I recently roasted both red and golden beets and made a powerful side dish with them. I thought about this blog post because they aren’t that bad to make, especially if you go for golden beets.

Golden beets don’t taste like dirt. They are sweeter and have a much more pleasant taste. They still have a huge amount of research-based health benefits beyond the two I’ve already mentioned, like reducing chronic inflammation, lowering blood pressure,  and slowing the progress of dementia. They also won’t stain your hands, your cutting board, or other nearby foods. (see the red beet juice on the golden beets in my photos???)


So, here’s what I do. I like to buy both, in organic varieties. I do two bunches at once but feel free to just do one bunch – the recipe works the same.

I washed 6 organic beets, three of each color, and cut off the leaves, leaving about an inch of the stems, and set the leaves aside to sauté later. (Here is the recipe: Wilted Beet Greens) I cut off the root part on the bottom end also.

I rubbed coconut oil on each beet.

I tore off a long piece of aluminum foil and laid one end of it in a 9 x 12  pan and placed the beets on there and folded the rest of the aluminum foil over them. I sealed the edges shut so they could roast in there.

I put them into a 350 degree oven for 60 minutes, then pierced one with a fork to see if they were soft.

I took them out and let them cool off for a little while. Then I peeled them. The peel will sometimes slide right off with your hands. If not, I just use a knife.

Then I diced them up and stirred in:

1 TBP alive oil

1 TBSP balsamic vinegar

smoked sea salt

freshly ground black pepper

So, my athlete friends, have I talked you into eating some beets?

If you have any leftovers, beets are amazing thrown across the top of a big salad.


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