Paleo Roasted Vegetables


Look at those beautiful roasted tomatoes on the vine. You won’t believe how their flavor is intensified by roasting.

How about that asparagus? Looks good, huh?

Whatever color of pepper you like best, it’s here, ready and waiting to be put on your plate.

Roasted white onion? How can it be so sweet?

Easy! ¬†All I did was to put Reynold’s Wrap on two baking sheets.

Next, I rubbed coconut oil between my hands so that it melts a bit and then I rubbed it on the vegetables. This is part of the magic – coconut oil sweetens up the vegetables and makes them even more good for you.

I spread the vegetables out evenly and sprinkled them with hickory smoked sea salt, Garlic Gold Nuggets, basil, and black pepper.

I put them in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. I turned the oven off and and let them just sit in there a while. (until Ger and Cassie and Mikko got here for Family Night Dinner)

I served them with a crock pot full of ribs and some gluten-free cornbread with a layer of organic Colby jack and some green chilis in a middle layer – more about that soon enough! It was a beautiful meal with beautiful company. We played a few quick games of Batik after we ate and watched the UK game.

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