Short Ribs with Bone Suckin’ Sauce


Food can be easy, incredibly delicious, and healthy. Since my weekly Family Night Dinners are best on Tuesdays for my crew of seven, I need for things to be simple sometimes.

Last week I did big fluffy gluten free pancakes from a mix I’d ordered from King Arthur Flour, with added blueberries. I served them with grass-fed butter and organic maple syrup, sausage patties, and Bacon and Egg Cups. It was breakfast for dinner, sometimes called “brinner” but I was so busy flipping pancakes that I hardly had time to sit down and enjoy my family.

So, this photo shows some freakishly delicious crock pot ribs. They were so easy! I’d noticed a jar of Bone Sucking’ Sauce in Kroger. I guess the name caught my eye, so I picked it up and read the ingredients – pretty clean, so I bought it.

Remember, I fed 7 so you might want to half this unless you are doing some meal prep meals in containers, right?

I placed the following ingredients in the crock pot:

3 lbs of short ribs with bones

2 lbs of short ribs without bones

smoked sea salt

freshly ground black pepper

1  16 oz jar of Bone Sucking’ Sauce

I cooked these bad boys on low for 9 hours.

I hope you make these easy ribs soon. You’ll be so glad you did.


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