Paleo Pork Roast with Sweet Potatoes


Crock pots are so helpful when doing meal prep because they make things so easy. You won’t believe how tender and delicious Paleo Pork Roast with Sweet Potatoes is.

I took a 3 lb pork roast out of it’s wrapping.
I rinsed it off.
I rubbed my crock pot with coconut oil.
I put the pork roast in and added rosemary until the top of the roast was nearly covered.
I added 1 heaping TBSP fresh minced garlic.
I also added a little smoked sea salt and freshly ground pepper.
Then I put in 1/2 cup of water and put on the lid.
I cooked it on low 10 hours because it was big and we like it soft and falling apart.

I put 4 organic sweet potatoes on top of the roast for the last 90 minutes.

YOU should try this. Use lots of rosemary and as good a cut of pork roast as you can find. Get the crock pot prepped the night before and plug it in the nest morning. Throw the sweet potatoes in after work, and then go do your Crossfit WOD. Then, when you get home, dinner’s ready!

I don’t think the sweet potatoes need anything on them at all. They taste like the pork roast and garlic and rosemary. Some put butter on them. Some even like a little pure maple syrup.  It’s all good, right?



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