The Fountain of Youth Now Comes in a BOX

I’ve called Crossfit the Fountain of Youth for seven years now, but I just read a post on Facebook that really puts that into perspective. That’s where this post title comes from.

Mike Poulin shared this post on the CF Masters page on Facebook that I like to keep an eye on. I think he nailed it, don’t you?  He’s 62. I’m almost 58 and I know exactly where he’s coming from. He’s funny, and his post had 250 likes in about 20 minutes. My favorite part?

The Fountain of Youth now comes in a BOX!

I liked his post so much, I wanted to share with you.

Mike says:

“I am 62 and am seriously considering quitting CF. In 2 1/2 years the gains I have made are beyond my wildest expectations. I am lighter, stronger, faster, healthier etc. etc. etc. However, all this healthiness comes with some pitfalls and I am now weighing the pros and cons of continuing.

Here are my top ten reasons I am considering stopping CF:
1. I find it annoying to be carded each and every time I ask for a senior citizen discount.
2. I never get to ride in those cool Walmart electric scooters.
3. I can no longer get out of shoveling snow, moving furniture, or lifting heavy stuff.
4. I find it increasingly difficult playing the “I’m old” card at the box (or anywhere else for that matter).
5. When at a CF competition, there is usually no one my age to play with.
6. My co-workers all think I am crazy.
7. All those health care premiums I pay are being wasted.
8. My doctor and I have nothing to talk about during my annual physical exam.
9. I have a closet full of clothes that no longer fit.
10. I have a lot more laundry I have to do.

The Fountain of Youth now comes in a BOX!”

Thanks, Mike, for reminding us of all the excellent things we shouldn’t take for granted. The Master’s community is strong. (and so are we)

Jack is feeling the Fountain of Youth since finding me, and Crossfit, and better food choices. He’s also great at shoveling snow!

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