Garlic Kale Spinach and Sweet Peppers


Vegetable consumption can be so varied and delicious. Cooking and serving vegetables can also be fast, whether you roast them or sauté them in a skillet. All you have to do is remember to pick them up and then cook them. Planning makes all the difference so make a plan and don’t get bored.

So, here’s a delicious and fast combination that will keep your body fueled up for whatever you need to accomplish.

I put the following ingredients into a large skillet and cooked 3 minutes over medium heat:

1 TBSP bacon grease (or coconut oil)

1/2 tsp minced garlic

1 red sweet pepper, diced

smoked sea salt and pepper, to taste


In the next couple of minutes, I added:

2 huge handfuls of baby kale (If you use full-grown kale, just pull it off the stems)

1 large container of baby spinach, handfuls at a time

I stirred and cooked this for only a couple of minutes more, so the spinach wouldn’t wilt too much.

Quite spectacular!

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