Easy Paleo Breakfast Skillet


I like to have spaghetti squash cooked and ready, don’t you? ┬áIt saves so much time when you have it cooked ahead of time. This is one of the many ways I enjoy it.

I broke up a leftover sausage pattie into a small skillet.

I added 1/4 of a red sweet pepper, diced and 1/2 cup cooked spaghetti squash.

I cooked these ingredients over medium heat until the red pepper was starting to soften.

Next, I added two eggs, and a dash of smoked sea salt and black pepper. I stirred and flipped it over with a spatula until done.

The last thing was to sprinkle with some pizza blend seasoning and add a couple of avocado slices. (not shown – they looked too ripe)

This breakfast doesn’t take long at all if you cook your sausage patties and your spaghetti squash during your meal prep session. I might even make this for a quick dinner soon.

How about you? Do you make spaghetti squash ahead of time?

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