Easy Instant Pot Kielbasa Potato Soup


So easy yet so delicious.


I don’t remember ever thinking of the word luxurious with soup, but this is the word that  came to mind when I first tasted this soup. The fact that I was going for a seriously quick and easy soup was just icing on the cake!  We are all so busy, so I hope you try this. Your family will love it and it sure won’t take you long to have it ready.

First, I cut 1  1/2 lb of baby yukon gold potatoes in half and dropped them into the Instant Pot liner.

Next, I sliced 2 uncured Kielbasas into bite-sized pieces and dropped them into the Instant Pot.

I diced 1 small white onion and dropped that in, too.

I ran two cloves of garlic through the garlic press and threw that in.

I pour 1 cup of beef bone broth and 1 cup of water in.

I sprinkled a little sea salt and black pepper in, put on the lid and set it to sealing.

Manual 10 minutes and NPR 10 minutes.

I literally did all of this in the 10 minutes between piano students yesterday!

When I took the lid off I added 2-3 oz fresh baby kale (a huge handful) and 4 oz Greek cream cheese (half a block)

I stirred until the baby kale was wilted and the greek cream cheese (more protein, less fat) was melted into the soup.

This recipe fed some big appetites.  You can meal prep with it, or freeze it, or just eat it a lot – you’ll want to.

Like I said before, when I tasted it, the only word that came to mind was LUXURIOUS.

Try it yourself and tell me what word comes to you.

Luxurious was my word – what’s yours?



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