Instant Pot Paleo Pork Short Ribs


Many of us shout to the rooftops about healthy eating, meal prep, and the Instant Pot, right?  Well, I do.  I probably drive some people crazy with it all. (Jack? Ha!)  So, I wanted to save some time and perfect these boneless pork short ribs.  If you follow this recipe and still want to take the time to put them in the oven at the end…. maybe with a little Bone Sucking Sauce on top? Hey, go for it! I just usually don’t have time for that and they really are quite mouth-watering right out of the IP.

I put these ingredients right into the Instant Pot and stirred well:

1 small white onion, diced

8 oz tomato sauce (read your labels and buy the ones without sugar)

6 oz tomato paste (read your labels and buy the ones without sugar)

2 TBSP balsamic vinegar

1/4 cup (or less) honey

1/2 cup bone broth (I usually use beef bone broth here, but chicken stock works well also)

1/4 tsp red pepper

1 tsp garlic powder (or, even better, two cloves fresh garlic, pressed)

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp Hickory BBQ Seasoning

1 tsp sea salt

freshly ground black pepper, to taste


Next, I put the ribs into this mixture, stirring it around so that the ribs are coated.  I’ve made this recipe with 2 – 3 1/2 lbs of boneless short ribs, so just know that the recipe is very forgiving! Also, don’t sweat all the different spices – if you don’t have one of them, it will be ok. Feel free to throw in whatever you have in your spice collection.

I set the lid to Sealing, pushed Manual 40 minutes with NPR. (natural pressure release)

As you can see in the photos, it paired well with roasted carrots and skillet zucchini and yellow squash.

If you haven’t jumped on the Instant Pot train yet, here’s a slow cooker recipe:  Paleo Pork Short Ribs for the Crock Pot



My favorite box baby!


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