Paleo Orange Thyme Chicken Thighs


I’d planned for this recipe to fit into one 9 x 12 pan but I wound up using that pan and a 9 x 9 inch square pan, too. You know I like to feed big Crossfit appetites, and if there’s food left, it’s great to have for lunches the next day. Also, I’d just picked up my box of fresh fruit from the high school fundraiser, and thought orange would be a great addition to the chicken thighs for Family Night Dinner.

It would be easy for you to adjust this recipe down and make it all fit into one pan – a few less chicken thighs, potatoes, and tomatoes and you are good to go.

I placed 1 1/2 TBSP of Garlic Gold oil in the 9 x 12 pan and added 12 organic chicken thighs and 1/2 a large white onion, sliced.  I worked everything around with my hands to coat the pan and each chicken thigh. I spread them out evenly in the pan. (You can use any olive oil or coconut oil and some garlic powder or fresh garlic. This recipe is very adaptable)

Next, I sliced 1 large orange and laid the slices on top of the chicken thighs.

I laid sprigs of fresh thyme on top.

I sprinkled everything with hickory smoked sea salt and  freshly ground black pepper. (Smoked sea salt gives a big flavor hit so try some nice ones – I have many favorites from Salt Traders)


I basically did the same thing with the ingredients in the square pan.

I placed about 2 lbs of yellow baby potatoes, and 8 little Campari tomatoes  into the pan and rubbed 1 TBSP of the Garlic Gold oil to coat everything. I topped this with smoked sea salt, pepper, and sprigs of fresh thyme. (Campari tomatoes come on the vine and are delicious and juicy, and we love them roasted!)

I put both pans into a 450 degree oven and roasted them for 35 minutes. It fed five of us easily.

This recipe works great for a MEAL PREP session, too. When you put this recipe into the oven, you’ve got time to work on a skillet meal, then can fill 6 containers from this recipe alone!


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