Wrist Update 1

Dinah’s left wrist, just before surgery.

Take a look at the photo of my wrist. In the last 36 long days, whenever I doubted my decision to have it fixed, I would just look at that photo. The days off work, the recovery, the inability to do SO many things – I would remind myself that it’s temporary and I am going FORWARD.

After 4 years of living with this painful mess, I got a second opinion. ( I’d had “bilateral distal radius fractures  – read about that here:  When Fight Gone Bad Went Bad )

I went to see Dr Koester at Marshall Orthopaedics at Cabell Huntington Hospital. I was diagnosed with a “Malunion of the left wrist with a painful wrist and distal radioulnar joint.” Dr Koester was….smart. He said he could help me and I believed him and was ready.


This is what I look like inside my left wrist now. Bear in mind, I am left-handed. The procedure took longer than they thought because there was more to do. I’m already glad about everything they did. Here’s the short version of my procedure:

“Dorsal opening wedge osteotomy of the left distal radius through a volar approach.  This was grafted with the femoral head, structural allograft and stabilized with a Synths dual column volar variable angle narrow locking plate.  This was a 4 hole, 2.4 plate.”

Here are all the details, if you’re into that sort of thing.



I wore a soft cast for 2  1/2 weeks. Here’s what I looked like for most of that time…. This was the evening after the surgery. You might notice that I was so afraid of bumping my fingers and thumb that I wore the hospital gown home. haha (with pants)


More later.

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