Sriracha Lime Roasted Zucchini


When your early flight is cancelled at Tri State Airport, what do you do? Drive to Yeager Airport and keep smiling. I’m heading to Key West for a few days so I won’t be “feeding Ger Sasser” or anyone else but I have plenty to catch up on this blog whenever I have a few minutes.

I’m sitting here appreciating Summer things, like vacations and travel snags. Another great summer thing is zucchini. I love this vegetable – delicious, versatile, and nutritious. Here’s a trendy way to make it very special.

I washed and cut up 4 organic zucchini. I melted a heaping TBSP of coconut oil and rubbed the zucchini pieces and the pan with the coconut oil.

I spread them out evenly on the pan.

I liberally sprinkled them with Sriracha Lime Salt from Salt Traders. (I’ve tried a LOT of different salts in my 57 years and this one is worth every penny. It’s complex and deeply delicious.)

I added freshly ground black pepper and smoked paprika.

I roasted them in a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes.

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