Apple Sausage Patties


I’m flipping the best recipes from over to this site – what an summer project! The breakfast recipes get lots of clicks and this one is an easy way to upgrade breakfast. So, prep some for this week’s meals.

This one needs only 2 ingredients. No, really! They need to be QUALITY ingredients though. This is not sausage from the grocery store. Do YOU have a farm source for really good sausage that you can trust?  Do you have a couple of small organic apples? That’s it! You won’t believe how easy and delicious these are. We had them for dinner, but they would have been great for breakfast, but there weren’t any left…

I took 2 small organic apples and diced them. I put them into a mixing bowl. ( I didn’t peel them)
I added 2 lbs of nice from-the-farm sausage and mixed it up with my hands.
I formed them into patties and cooked them until done in the center in a skillet on medium high heat.
I patted them with paper towels before serving. That’s it!

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