Wrist Update 6


The last few weeks I’ve been wearing my “torture device” with a downward bend. It hurts more than when this thing was doing the upward bend, but I’m working hard to do whatever it takes to get the wrist to do all it can.

My thumb is still slowly making progress. I’ve been doing all the exercises and farmer-carries – started at 3 lb dumbbells and am now doing them with 10 lb dumbbells up and down my stairs. This is really helping because at my last session with Brian at Marshall Orthopedics he measured my grip and he seemed pretty surprised at how close my left was to my right! The right was 45 and the left was 42!

My thumb may not ever move exactly like it did before, but my wrist pain is gone and it bends more, so that’s a fair enough tradeoff. Dr Koester had told me that I could consider having them go back in and attaching one of the two tendons that work my pointer finger to the thumb so that I can lift it back more… but I can’t imagine doing this. My thumb is not bothering me and it’s doing more all the time. I guess it’s good to know I have choices, right?

I’m so happy with my wrist. I’m playing the piano some and doing lots of things in the kitchen that I couldn’t do before, or that hurt to do. Peeling, chopping, opening jars, picking up a cast iron skillet – all these things are happening now. Progress is a beautiful thing.

Yesterday, I went to Crossfit Countdown and ROWED 4 sets of 300 meters, too. It was my first time on the rower since before my corrective osteotomy in late September. It was wonderful and I didn’t let myself do too much so it would feel good this morning and not be too sore. Being at the box also made me realize how much I miss having a barbell in my hands. It’s exciting to think that I really am getting close now.

I am looking forward to my appointment with Dr Koester on Feb 22. I want the all-clear!


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