8 OTHER Ways to Eat Cheerios Without a Spoon


This post does not contain a recipe, but I wanted to share a conversation I had with my sister, Annette. We were at mom’s, on our phones, and one of us noticed a link to a Betty Crocker website post called “9 Ways to Eat Cheerios Without a Spoon.” Here’s the link, so you’ll know what we were talking about:

9 Ways to Eat Cheerios Without a Spoon

Here’s our conversation:

me- This might be interesting…

Annette – How so? You don’t even eat Cheerios, right?

me – Right.

Annette – Even the Gluten Free ones?

me – Nope. Not organic, GMO, and then there’s the whole “bad carb for your buck” thing.

Annette- (looking at the article) It’s recipes…

me – Yeah, not what I was thinking either.   AND, there are only eight recipes, not 9, like the title says, right?

Annette – Wow. Betty Crocker can’t count.

me – So, let’s write a blog post of what we thought it would be.

Annette – Ok! But let’s REALLY do 8.

me – (laughing)  Of course. “8 OTHER Ways to Eat Cheerios Without a Spoon.”   Number 1 – With a fork.

Annette – Number 2 – With your fingers.

me – Number 3 – With your TOES.

Annette – Number 4 – With your TONGUE.

me – Number 5 – um…With a toothpick.

Annette – Number 6 – With chopsticks!

me – Number 7 – Straight out of the box.

Annette – And Number 8 – Have a friend feed them to you.

I love conversations with my sister.

How would you add to our list?


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