Smoked Gouda Sandwich with Beets and Spinach


I had a sandwich much like this at a local place called The Deviled Egg and had to replicate it at home, to clean it up and make the idea even better. (Seeing Crisco siting by the grill sends me right back to my kitchen…lol)

So, a grill pan and some coconut oil and  grass-fed butter makes an incredible upgrade.

Gluten-free bread is another way to make this sandwich awesome.

Ok – I load up some gluten-free bread with thick-sliced smoked gouda, baby spinach, and pickled beets.

I grill them for a little crunch in equal amounts of coconut oil and butter in my grill pan.

I hope you try this great combo. The pickled beets give the gouda a sweet and tangy bite. You can roast your own or just pick up some at your grocery.

If you want more protein for this sandwich, just throw in a lower of sliced turkey breast or roast beef.

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