Wrist Update 5


My newest “torture device” was made by Brian and fits my wrist perfectly. He heated up this pancake-like stuff in a hot water bath and cooled it just enough to be able to fold it over my wrist. He did this with ┬ásome around my hand, too. The next time appointment at Marshall Orthopedics, this lovely thing was waiting for me. I love it. I hate it, too.

I slip my hand into it, press the arm section down and tighten the velcro straps, and then I tighten the guitar-fret thing, and play a song of pain, haha, twice a day for thirty minutes and t’s working – my angle is getting better.

When I sent these photos to my mom and my sister, they both said it reminded them of a sewing machine…


Whatever works, I’m going to do it.

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