Wrist Update 3

This. I’ve been doing a lot of this. It really is better than it was… the next video is earlier in the process. You can see I don’t have as much range of motion. (and I moan and groan more lol)

For the 4 weeks that i wore the pink waterproof cast, I concentrated on making my thumb come back to life. I guess it makes sense that scar tissue might be an issue. It’s also logical that when they made my bone almost a centimeter longer, it made the tendons for my thumb that much shorter. I also tried to remain positive and notice every tiny accomplishment in my recovery.

A lot of these days were spent in quiet days at home. Healing takes time, and for me, reflection – time to think about why I am doing this, how I can do everything I can to move forward as quickly as possible, naps, and reading, and a little Amazon Prime entertainment. I also drank bone broth every single day.

Some days all I could say I accomplished was my thumb exercises, a shower, and finding something to eat. but that was enough.  I realized that when I started back to work, it was going to be busy and TOUGH, so I tried to appreciate the calm before the storm and mentally prepare for the next challenge – going back to work, while convincing my wrist to bend every 1-2 hours.

That post is coming soon.

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