Italian Kale Chips


I love kale and I want you to find ways to love it, too, because it’s just so good for you. Maybe you already throw it in smoothies and salads and eat kale chips?  These kale chips are a little different and make a great presentation!

I washed, dried, and broke off the ends of a large bunch of Italian Kale.

I covered my pan with foil because sometimes easy cleanup is worth it.

I poured out 1 1/2 TBSP Garlic Gold Toasted Garlic in Oil and rubbed this onto both sides of each Italian Kale leaf.

I laid them out side by side on the pan.

I popped the pan into a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes. Then I turned off the oven and left them there two more minutes before taking them out. They were perfect – very crunchy. (Some Italian Kale leaves are thicker than others so watch your first batch  – the line between perfectly crunchy and burnt is small…)

Leftovers (but you probably won’t have any!) can be kept in a Ziplock bag.

(Also, you can make these with melted coconut oil and garlic salt or powder. I often also use smoked paprika on them, too)


Don’t they look crispy and colorful all plated up?

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